Galaxy invents a new cruise format

by Vincenzo Caccioppoli

The tourism world is perhaps the one that has had to deal the most with the consequences of the pandemic. The long months of lockdown and travel restrictions have practically eliminated world tourism, and especially cruise tourism. Only now with the arrival of vaccines and the launch of the mass vaccination campaign, a glimmer of light is beginning to emerge for a sector that has seen its turnover drop by 80/90%. Reservations have gone up at a dizzying pace for the next summer/autumn period, and the hope is that these months can help give some oxygen to a sector on its knees. Galaxy inc, an investment holding company in the blockchain, crypto and digital world, is preparing to launch the first educational cruise on digital, cryptocurrency and blockchain. A week on the Mediterranean sea that will combine relax, leisure and tourism, which offers a splendid cruise, with sessions of various blockchain and cryptocurrency experts for those eager to explore issues related to the digital world, which is always destined to characterize our future and the workforce world.

The cruise will depart from Italy on November 7th and will last until November 14th, from Civitavecchia to the ports of Marseille, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca, and will be an inaugural Galaxy network cruise merging the concept of lifestyle with the concept of personal growth. So, in addition to the fun, the guests of the cruise twice a day will have the opportunity to follow advanced professional growth courses, blockchain, cryptocurrency, digital marketing, with leading experts in the field.

This is the first experience of this kind, even if in the past some companies, such as Costa Cruises had done something similar both for travel agents and for language study projects for children. But this is the first case in the world of a sort of itinerant vocational training school linked to a moment of leisure that only a cruise can offer. At the end of the cruise, a certificate of attendance of the courses held on board will probably be issued. The Galaxy company, which is a holding company engaged in projects related to the blockchain and the digital world, has already founded a blockchain academy, the first in Italy, whose courses, available on demand, teach the new technology in all its secrets to become protagonists in the world of the professions of the future, which will inevitably be increasingly oriented towards digital and new technologies.

It is also engaged in an important cryptocurrency network marketing project, which was unveiled by the company's president, Luigi Maisto, in a world premiere, during an online event, held on June 26th.


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